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Meet THE UNQUIET BONES: A true-crime-inspired, atmospheric, Nordic-noir-toned psychological suspense wrapped in a procedural/investigative thriller and told in colliding narratives. 


My hope is that readers who enjoyed Beneath Devil’s Bridge, the Patient’s Secret, and The Maid’s Diary, and who love television series like Unforgotten, Mare of Easttown, The Killing, Boardertown, and Happy Valley, will love this one! 

Not the official blurb, but here’s the gist: 


When human bones are discovered beneath an old, wooden A-frame chapel in the woods, evidence at the scene suggest the remains could be decades old.


The case is handed to veteran homicide cop Jane Munro who has just been sidelined to a cold case/special investigations unit of essentially one because of troubles of her own, but as Jane finds evidence of murder, the decades-old cold case quickly goes hot, pulling into focus a group of six old school friends who made a pledge one September night 47 years ago. 


 All are now highly-respected and affluent members of their communities and all but one have richly extended families. None of them expected the dark chapter in their past to ever surface again, not now, especially after all these years. And all have so much more to lose now than they did when they were just 16.


As Jane begins to peel back the layers and the closely guarded secrets, the impact of her investigation ripples through the community, rips through families, and fractures the tight-knit group who must once again band together to keep their stories straight. Will one among them fold? Will one--or more—turn on the others? Will they seek a scapegoat among themselves? Just how far will each one go to guard their own truths?  


And Jane and her new team will be forced to ask: does closure—the truth—really bring relief to families whose loved ones have gone missing? Do dark deeds ever really go unpunished, even if the law doesn’t catch up with someone? Or does ‘justice’ somehow find expression in the person they become, and the life they end up living? 

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