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“White (The Dark Bones) employs kaleidoscopic perspectives in this tense modern adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None . . . 
. . .White’s structural sleight of hand as she shifts between narrators and timelines keeps the suspense high … (Agatha) Christie fans will find this taut, clever thriller to be a worthy homage to the original.” --Publishers Weekly

“IN THE DARK is a brilliantly-constructed Swiss watch of a thriller, containing both a chilling locked room mystery reminiscent of Agatha Christie and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and a detective story that would make Harry Bosch proud."

                                                                                  —Jason Pinter, bestselling author of the Henry Parker Series


FINAL White-InTheDark-27842-CV-FT-v3.jpg

Have they locked the killer out? Or have they locked the killer in ?

The promise of a luxury vacation at a secluded wilderness spa has brought together eight lucky guests. But nothing is what they were led to believe. As a fierce storm barrels down, and all contact with the outside is cut off, the guests fear that it’s not a getaway. It’s a trap.


Each one has a secret. Each has something to hide. And now, as darkness closes in, something to fear—including each other. 

Alerted to the vanished party of strangers, homicide cop Mason Deniaud and Search and Rescue expert Callie Sutton must brave the brutal elements of the mountains to find them. But even Mason and Callie have no idea how precious time is. Because the clock is ticking, and one by one, the guests of Forest Shadow Lodge are being hunted. For them, just surviving becomes part of a diabolical game.

“White excels at the chilling romantic thriller.” —The Amazon Book Review
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