The Angie Pallorino Series

As a member of the sex crimes unit, Detective Angie Pallorino is intimately acquainted with the dark side of desire. Attempting to break into the elite homicide division, she confronts not only killers but her own issues with sex, control, trust, and intimacy. And when buried secrets in her past emerge, they threaten to derail both her professional ambitions and her developing relationship with a fellow detective.


'The Angie Pallorino series, penned by bestselling author Loreth Anne White, is a hard-hitting and gritty police procedural that will appeal to those who like their mysteries deep and their heroines edgy.'

' For those who love dark, gritty, atmospheric, female-driven Scandi Noir-toned television series like THE KILLING, THE BRIDGE, THE FALL, and Law and Order's SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, and for readers who gravitate toward strong heroines who are also in some ways broken.'


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