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A true crime podcast yields new revelations about a shocking murder in a riveting novel of suspense by Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author Loreth Anne White.


A true crime podcaster. A retired detective. A case they can’t let go.



True crime podcaster Trinity Scott is chasing breakout success, and her new serial looks like it will get her there. Her subject is Clayton Jay Pelley. More than two decades ago, the respected family man and guidance counselor confessed to the brutal murder of teenage student Leena Rai. Why he killed her has always been a mystery. 


In a series of exclusive interviews from prison he promises to tell Trinity the truth about what happened that night beneath Devil’s Bridge. What Clayton says shocks the Pacific Northwest town of Twin Falls to the core. But is Clayton lying now? Or was he lying then? 


As ratings skyrocket, Trinity is missing a key player in the story: Rachel Walczak, the retired detective who revealed Pelley’s twisted urges and put him behind bars. She’s not playing Clayton’s game--until Trinity digs deeper and the podcast reverb widens. Then Rachel begins to question everything she thinks she knows about the past.


With each of Clayton’s teasing reveals, one thing is clear: he’s not the only one in Twin Falls with a secret.



Is Trinity finally getting to the truth? Or falling victim to a killer’s sick game?

Perfect for fans of Mystic River or podcasts like Serial and My Favorite Murder, this is a mystery that doesn’t stop at asking, 'What happened?' In the wake of the truth, those left behind reckon with 'What now?' It’s an affecting novel from a supremely talented author, and one I’m thrilled to recommend to you today."

editor, Alison Dasho

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